Welcome to the Danger Zone

So you're interested in being one our agents, but aren't quite sure that entails or how the whole thing works? This is the first post you should be looking at then.

The Danger Zone is a writing community/role playing game. We want to help you write and keep you motivated. One of the best ways to do that is by offering rewards. Awesome right? Rewards are going to come in the form of praise and graphics as a congrats for playing the game and kicking some butt. So how do you play the game? Glad you asked.

STEP ONE: Create an Agent

Agents should represent you/your muse. We all have an identity we've created for our writing self/writing muse/writing inspiration. That is who your agent is. Here are the things we're going to want to know about your agent upon applying.

Picture you want to use to represent your agent: (a border collie? a specific actor? what does your muse look like to you)

Pretty basic. The more specific you can get, the better because it helps me (call me M is you will) create customized graphics for YOU.


You'll have to fill out an application (see the end of this post) if you want to partake in as many fun things as possible with this community. Applications can be posted to this post right here.


Here's the fun part. Playing!

The whole purpose of the game is to earn points. There will be a base goal of points to hit each month, and then a number of bonus point options. The more points you get, the more experience your agent gains. The more experience your agent gains, the more you get in terms of shinies, rewards, and things that will help you do even better in the game!

First I'll explain how you can earn points.

1) Sprint with us in our weekly sprint sessions. The goal is to have somewhere between 2-5 sessions a week (pending on participation levels). They will happen both at night as well as the afternoon. There will be a schedule posted up at the beginning of every week. If there is a cancellation of a session, I will make sure to have at least a day's warning in advance if possible.

Each sprint there will be a different time limit and a minimum word goal for each writer to achieve.

Example: 10 minutes, write 150 words.

If the writer makes that goal, they get a certain amount of points. Bonus points are given to writers who go above word count goals.

It gets more fun, however, because not only are there goals for each individual sprint, but there are also Boss battles. (Hey. I told you this was an RPG!) Boss battles are similar to regular sprints in that they have a time and a minimum goal, however, bosses also have other things that might make the sprint more challenging.  For example: The Boss Food Junkie might require all writers who are writing a scene involving food to write another 100 words in order to make goal. These bosses come in the form of "cards", and bosses have multiple levels as well, each with a different skill. The more you level up with your agent, the more skills you earn for sprints so you can gain advantages and bonus points too.

2) Go on Missions. Missions are set by you. They're your goals for the day/week/month. If you achieve your goals, you've completed your mission. The higher percentage of missions you succeed at, the more points you earn, and then you level up!

3) Defeat prompt bosses. Sometimes a boss will show  his face in the community, offer up a challenge in the form of a prompt or a goal. Defeat him by the end of the month and you'll earn points for that too.

Sound fun? Then fill out the application below. Keep in mind, this stuff will be tweaked as we go, but that's the basic gist of it all!


Agent Name:
Face of your Agent:
Over 18?

Once that's done, please apply for membership to dz_writing and dz_agents!